The CFAO Group has announced its entry into Mozambique, marking a significant milestone in its development as a pan-African distributor of the Toyota brand. This move follows the group's takeover of Toyota and Hino's distribution activities in the country, previously handled by the Entreposto group.


Strengthening Position on the African Continent

By establishing operations in Mozambique, the CFAO Group has expanded its presence to 39 countries, solidifying its position as a strategic partner on the African continent. This development comes after the group's successful takeover of Toyota distribution in Madagascar in 2019, demonstrating its commitment to strengthening its multi-country, multi-business strategy.

Promising Market and Extensive Distribution Network

Mozambique presents a promising market for the CFAO Group, thanks to its extensive and well-established distribution network. Recognizing the potential for growth, the group plans to swiftly expand its offerings to include Suzuki distribution, in addition to its current lineup of Toyota and Hino vehicles. This strategic expansion will be complemented by the launch of a range of related services designed to meet the diverse needs of Mozambican consumers. These services will include the sale of replacement parts, comprehensive automotive services and equipment, and a selection of pre-owned vehicles. Additionally, the group plans to introduce various truck brands alongside the Hino brand, catering to the increasing demand for commercial vehicles in the region. By broadening its portfolio and enhancing its service offerings, the CFAO Group aims to solidify its position in the Mozambican market, delivering high-quality automotive solutions and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Economic Potential and Market Development

Richard Bielle, CFAO Chairman and CEO, expressed the group's delight in establishing operations in Mozambique, citing the country's promising market and significant economic potential. He emphasized that Mozambique offers substantial opportunities for growth and development, making it an ideal location for CFAO's expansion plans. Nuno Sousa, Managing Director of CFAO Motors Mozambique, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the crucial need for benchmark groups with strong, stable brands to accompany the country's growing automotive market. Sousa underscored that CFAO Motors Mozambique aims to provide high-quality vehicles and exceptional service to meet the increasing demand from Mozambican consumers. He believes that the presence of well-established and reputable automotive brands will play a vital role in fostering the sector's growth and enhancing customer satisfaction. This strategic move aligns with CFAO's broader vision of contributing to the economic development of emerging markets and underscores their commitment to supporting Mozambique's automotive industry.


The CFAO Group's entry into Mozambique marks a significant development in the country's automotive industry, bringing a new level of expertise and investment to the market. As the group continues to develop its network in Mozambique, it is poised to play a key role in the country's economic growth and the expansion of the automotive sector in Africa.